The Color of My Soul

Does my soul have a color? Is the color of my soul different from other people’s? If yes, what makes it change color and what do the colors mean? Let us start from the beginning!

I discovered I was a healer much later than my parents did. According to my parents, I used my gift for the first time when I was only seven. All my life I had a knack for knowing what to do, what traditional “cures” to apply when somebody in my family got sick. When I was young, in my country of origin, doctors were not readily available for middle-of-the-night calls for help, so we managed on our own. I never gave it a second thought when the pediatrician who saw my son asked me what I thought my son was sick with and what I gave him to alleviate the fever and other symptoms, then sent me home to continue the same treatment.

When I finally became aware of my gift, I was scared of it. As an engineer I was concerned of making people sick if, by mistake, I did the wrong thing. It took me some time to figure out that healing is intent based and as long as you keep focused on the intent to help the other person, that is what is going to happen.

As an engineer working in defining advanced technologies, and somebody born in a communist country, religion was not something that was part of my life, so I never thought about the existence of the soul. I could sense the energy field of a person and I could correct its irregularities, but I assumed it was a result of the electrical activity required for the transmission of the neural signals… until the day something really strange happened.

A woman in her seventies was referred to me by her doctor, after he tried everything to deal with the woman’s repeated pain cycles in the amputated area of her leg.  The pain would come on every three months and last for eighteen hours. She had tried everything, except narcotics, to control her pain, but nothing helped.  By the time I met her she felt she could no longer go through the cycles of pain and was talking about “ending it all”. I was her last chance!

Upon taking her medical history, the woman told me she had shin bone cancer in her forties, and the only thing the doctors could offer, to save her life, was to amputate her leg above the knee. After the intake, I checked the energy field and, to my utter shock, I found the field completely normal – like that of a healthy leg – in the area where she had the prothesis. I could not believe it! I checked again and again, the result being the same: a complete leg energy field where there was no physical leg. Another shock came when, after several sessions, the woman was finally ready to remove the prothesis. When I checked the field in the amputated area, I found a complete energy field, like the one I would expect in a healthy leg, except for the energetic pattern of cancer in the area of the shin bone. Interestingly, after removing the cancer imprint from the field, the woman never experienced another pain cycle.

At the time I had no frame of reference for the strange findings, so I had no choice but to “file” the information gleaned from the above case with the intent to figure it out later, when I had additional similar cases. The explanation came when I had several cases of serious illnesses.

When a person is extremely sick, the field vibration becomes dangerously slow. The role of the healer is to bring the field vibration up and thus to enable the physical to heal. In these cases, I found the task to be accomplished much easier if I separated the physical and energetic bodies[1]. The reason for it is that the two vibrations are quite different: the physical vibration has greater amplitude and lower frequency than the energetic body. The most intriguing part about this approach was the comment from each of the people I used it with that they felt themselves floating above their bodies and could describe the exact energetic sequence of my work! 

As a scientist, I needed an explanation and the only one I could find was that offered by the bible: I was working with the soul! Since then, I had many similar experiences when working with the sick, and I also experienced the “leaking” of the person’s soul, when the person was in the process of dying[2]. In time, I also learned that in fact this soul field was what controlled our health, self-esteem, and general wellbeing.

In my nearly forty years of working officially with people outside my family, I found some interesting things about this soul field:

  • It is different for each person, very much like a fingerprint
  • It shows the imbalances corresponding to potential illnesses some time before one actually feels sick
  • In addition to our state of health, a specific part of it located in the spine area, also controls our self-esteem
  • It typically holds our life traumas, and their imprint can be removed energetically much faster than with talk therapies or hypnotherapy[3]
  • When we are healthy the field is vibrant with beautiful colors
  • The more emotionally positive a person’s attitude, the more vibrant the field colors
  • If properly taken care of, through regular energetic adjustments, meditation, yoga, a kind/compassionate attitude, good nutrition, and proper hydration we have a better chance of staying healthy
  • And above all, there is no difference if the person is a Native American, Black, Caucasian, Indian, or Japanese, if he/she is a man or woman, or whom he/she loves, it only changes with the state of emotions and physical fitness.

Another interesting experience I regarding the soul field is from when I was taking some field (aura) pictures with the help of a friend. She was calm and balanced, but her husband had some deep emotional problems. When I looked at their field pictures, I could clearly see the emotional state of the husband superimposed on the wife’s field. On further questioning the wife, I found that she was experiencing an unexplained “uneasiness”, which was probably the manifestation of the emotions acquired from her husband.

So, if the soul field is what governs our health, if we are the same at the deep energetic level, why are we trying to artificially differentiate people by human-defined criteria, in the process making ourselves angry, envious, and sick?!

I lived in four different countries on three continents, and I have friends born all over the world, so I know that deep down every parent, be it from a native tribe hidden deep in the Amazonian forest, or one of the rich and famous in California, wants the same thing for his child: a happy, fulfilling life. If that is true, why not set up our children for a better life by teaching them how to have a beautiful soul, by being generous, kind, search out the “half full” in life, and be grateful for everything they have, while assuming responsibility for their actions, instead of raising unhappy children by comparing them to others all the time and teaching them that others are to blame for everything. Psychological studies have shown that feeling out of control of one’s life is the most difficult emotion to handle, so teaching our children to take responsibility through personal example is a gift we can easily offer as parents.

Maybe if we would all learn to count our blessings and live in gratitude, our soul fields would become more vibrant and we would influence those around us to see the world as a happier safer place, thus reducing crime. The process can start with any of us, as anyone who lives in gratitude will breed positive emotions in the people around them (as shown by the aura pictures). Let us all start spreading beautiful rainbows of love, kindness, gratitude, and compassion, so we can live a more fulfilling life because we can clearly see the opportunities coming our way when our minds are no longer clouded by negative emotions!


[1] It was an intuitive “hit” that guided me to separate the physical and energetic bodies.

[2] I found repeatedly that the field/soul leaves the body through the top of the head, where the babies have their fontanel (soft spot), slowly disappearing from the legs, then torso, etc., as if somebody would squeeze a tube of toothpaste.

[3] I am a certified hypnotherapist, and I found that hypnotherapy speeds up the release of emotional trauma versus talk therapy alone. I also found over the years that the energetic way is even faster than hypnotherapy and the least painful to go through.

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