2018_4_24 Official pictAs described in “Biology of Belief” by Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., stress impacts the cell replication in our body.  When the stress is removed, our cell replication can work correctly once again.

Susana Stoica was born with the gift of being able to detect irregularities/stresses in the human energy field and correct them.  Over the years she used her medical intuition to help doctors find the root cause of chronic illnesses and used her inborn healing abilities to help the healing process.  She has a special ability to work with brain trauma, be it concussion, stroke, or other brain field irregularities like ALS and Asperger’s.

She was trained as an engineer and holds a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering with a thesis in building computers with circuits modeling the brain cell functionality.  She spent her engineering career in developing high tech technologies, like expert systems, a technology that models the human thinking process.

After suffering a double concussion that rendered her incapable of doing everyday activities (finding words to express herself, reading, sorting, cooking, etc.) she looked for the type of help she was offering others for years.  When she could not find that type of help, she decided to write a book about brain injury recovery to help others with her knowledge accumulated both as a healer and a person who recovered from a double brain trauma.

See “Books” tab for more information. Since recovering using her own recovery program, Susana lectured extensively about brain injury.  See “Speaking” tab for more details.