Terms and Conditions

In order to work with a client, the client/client’s guardian agrees to have the client under regular medical supervision. As sometime the energetic testing reveals changes that should be communicated to the treating physician, the physician’s contact information may be requested by the healing practitioner.

Energetic healing is not an exact science. Each person’s energy field is different and each person reacts differently to the same set of sessions. There is no way to assess from the beginning how many sessions are required or the length of each session. Every attempt will be made by the practitioner, using energetic   testing, to determine the optimal way of achieving the desired results and will keep the person abreast of the results of energetic evaluations and the optimal energetic modalities.

As the energy field has to be trained into a new, healthier make-up, the learning curve principle applies to it, i.e. if the sessions are too far apart the following session is at least in part dedicated to bringing back the energy field to the state it was at the end of the previous session.

The frequency of sessions depends on the person’s energy field strength, its response to the session, and age. Typically the more serious the disturbance, the longer time the person had the problem, and the older the person, the more frequent the sessions. When a person is very ill, several short sessions are necessary in the beginning, while later on, typically longer sessions – sometime several hours long – and combining multiple modalities, are the optimum.

Energetic healing has the objective to bring the client’s energy field into a healthy balance, thus enabling the body’s own healing process to happen.

Once the sessions are started the following ones are scheduled according to the person’s energy field response to the previous sessions.