The following are some books about energy healing and TBI/concussion, written by Susana Stoica, a healer with over 35 years of experience in the field.

“The emphasis on step-by-step processes that breaks up typical cooking directions for easy absorption and understanding by those who may not be able to concentrate or quickly process steps makes this series a top recommendation. These books [the “Cooking after Brain Injury…” series] should be in the tool boxes of anyone recovering from brain trauma and the therapists helping them regain their independence through brain-exercise therapies.”   Click here to read the full review.  Midwest Book Review

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The Bestseller “Cooking after Brain Injury: Easy Cooking for Recovery” was published in 2018/2019, is dedicated to people who are trying to recover from traumatic brain injury (TBI).  After a brain injury or stroke people are no longer able to cook, even if they were proficient cooks before the trauma. That is what happened to the author of this book. She had two TBIs on the same day and ended up not being able to make sense of cooking. With determination and patience, over a span of ten years, Susana was able to find a way to cook again and documented her new approach to cooking so she could share it with others in need. The new way of cooking deals with the typical issues related to brain trauma: problems with concentration, sequencing, and figuring out what dishes go together. The books in the series are increasingly more complex, offering a therapeutic path to being able to cook again in a healthy way.  The recipes are reduced-calorie versions of recipes from around the world.  Happy cooking!  Please send questions and feedback to: The books are available from Buy ButtonThe books were chosen as Pick of the Month for February 2019 by Donovan’s Bookshelf .

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“Heal your Brain, Reclaim your Life: How to Recover and Thrive after Concussion”, published in 2018, is a book on how to heal TBI, concussion, and strokes.  The book is based on Susana Stoica’s experience as a healer working for over 30 years with brain injured people, and her own experience with TBI.  Thanks to her experience accumulated over the years, Susana was able to limit the damage of her own concussion.  She defined for herself an original recovery program currently used by an experienced brain recovery center.  She made presentations on brain injury recovery and about alternative healing to nurses, doctors and lay people.  She presented classes, speeches, and workshops to University of Michigan in Ann Arbor medical students, Wayne State University Ph.D. level Social Studies students, University Michigan Holistic Nurses, Kaiser Permanente doctors and nurses (the largest medical insurance company in California) and Healing Beyond Borders Conference in Colorado.  In July 2018 she is scheduled to present a workshop at a brain injury conference at the Harvard Medical School.  The book is available both as an eBook and as paperback on and from Barnes and Noble.

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“Reluctant Healer: An Introduction to Energy Healing” was published in 2016.

As stated by Dr. David Brownstein, author and pioneer in integrative medicine, “The Reluctant Healer” is a wonderful story about a healer recognizing her powers and utilizing them to help others…  The book describes twenty-first century energetic medicine.”

Written with the focus of an engineer and researcher, the book contains a surprisingly wide array of information presented in a highly accessible way.  The book is available both as an eBook and as a paperback on and from Barnes and Noble.

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“Healing with The Loving Heart” was published in 2001. It contains stories of healing told through the lens of the energy field. As stated in the Preface by Dr. Albert Scarchilli, “This book is written articulately with great perception and insight into the body’s energy system, and how disruption of body energy flow can cause both cellular disease and dysfunction…. The recognition of cellular energy flow imbalance and its correction is essential in healing.”

The cost of the book is US $14.95 plus shipping.  It can be purchased by sending an email to Healing Alternatives Press at  Please specify the shipping address to estimate the shipping costs.  We are closed during June, 2019.