The following are some more testimonials from those who used Susana Stoica’s services:

Kim StanleyMy son is a junior hockey player. Just before being recruited he had a concussion. I took him to the doctor, but my son was still having headaches, vision problems, (and) dizziness. I knew I needed Susana’s help. Sure enough, by the next day my son had no headaches and in a couple more days all the concussion symptoms disappeared and my son was able to follow his dream of being a hockey player! I recommend her book to anyone who had, or knows somebody who ever had a concussion.

Kim Stanley, mother of a hockey player, Michigan , US

My son Paul Anthony suffered a blow to the head with no immediate side effects.  In time he developed headaches, dizziness and weakness.  Knowing Susana Stoica’s intuitive diagnostic abilities, I asked her to see my son.  She recommended immediate hospitalization, as she was perceiving intracranial bleeding.  The doctors at the hospital determined with a CAT Scan that Paul Anthony had a ruptured blood vessel in the brain and the brain cavity was filled with blood.  My son was taken immediately into surgery and was discharged three days later, being once again capable to function.  The surgeon told us that if we would have waited even one more day my son would not have been alive today.

Dr. Paul Parente, DO, Michigan, USA

Ann_WI started gradually having problems with my field of vision. By the time I got to the eye doctor I was seeing mainly on the periphery of my visual field. I was told that the visual nerve in my left eye was dying off and was sent to an eye neurologist without being given any kind of hope of recovery just, maybe, a slim chance of stopping the progress.    At this point, I contacted Susana Stoica who immediately started doing healing sessions via Skype, as living alone I could not provide her with the pictures she requested for long distance healing.    After the first session I started to see somewhat better and after the third session I completely regained my vision.  By the time I got to the eye neurologist my nerve was completely healed! Thank you, Susana!

Ann Wagenberg 71 years old Tel Aviv, Israel

TinaI have been a witness many times to Susanna’s work and I know her effectiveness both as a medical intuitive and as a healer. She has worked with my grandkids when they had concussions, with my friend’s child with a concussion and with my friend’s children with Asperger’s Syndrome. As an Occupational Therapist, I am very grateful to have the opportunity offered by her book [“Heal your Brain, Reclaim your Life”] to have a window into how people feel when they have brain trauma, and what I can do to help them. I highly recommend this book to everyone!

Tina Day. Occupational Therapist


I was in my first year of graduate school in Electrical Engineering at Stanford and I was trying to make it through a very difficult project when I came down with a nasty flu that seemed to go away during the day and flare up into a fever at night – exactly when I had to work. After a while, I also started feeling nauseous.  My first reaction was to go to the Stanford Medical Center, but, to my surprise, the doctor didn’t seem to think it was too serious, “Let it run its course,” he said, and, with a pat on the back, showed me out of his office.  I was not impressed.

Since regular doctors didn’t work on Sunday, I tried my only alternative: I called Susana. She performed two half hour distance healing sessions – from across the country no less! It’s been over 15 years, and I can still remember the second session. I was lying down, relaxed, letting her do her work when my girlfriend rang the doorbell and I got up briefly to open the door in the middle of the session. When the half hour was up, Susana gave me a call to tell me she was done and, at the end asked why did I get up in the middle for two minutes? Pretty amazing! I guess she really can connect long distance.

After only two sessions, the fever broke and never came back again. She ‘fixed me’ one week before finals so I had enough time to complete the project, study for my other exams and eventually come out with straight ‘A’s. It would have never happened if I still had the flu.     By the way – since then, I use Susana whenever there’s anything that’s even a bit outside the realm of regular doctors. Susana has become an invaluable resource to me.

Andrei S. Entrepreneur Palo Alto, California, USA

Kelly BruceOn our recent family trip abroad my daughter, Dakota, became violently sick.  We had left Nice, France and arrived in Genoa, Italy by train.  During that afternoon of travel she began to complain of nausea and dizziness.  By the time we arrived in Genoa that evening Dakota began vomiting and experienced the onset of vertigo. Being in a foreign country I was hoping by morning my daughter would be recovered as I thought it could be jet lag.

Unfortunately by morning, Dakota was so weak she couldn’t stand and was still throwing up…now green, her bile.  We rushed her to the nearest hospital where they immediately admitted her to the triage unit.  They sent her thru a round of tests: blood tests, Xrays for her stomach, ultrasound for her stomach, more blood work. Five hours later, they determined it was a “bug”.

As Dakota was still feeling just as bad as when we brought her in, she was hooked her up to an IV for hydration and it was decided to keep her overnight in the hospital. In the meantime I sent an email to Susana asking for help.    In the morning, before going to the hospital, and was thrilled to see an email from Susana! She had worked on Dakota during our night (we were 6 hours ahead). Susana let me know that Dakota had a bad virus…just what the doctor’s told us.  She worked on her four times and cleaned out the affected area.  She said by the fourth session all was gone.

When we arrived at the hospital at 9 am, I was stunned: Dakota was sitting up in bed happily eating food, chipper than ever!  She said she slept well and felt 80% better.  Dakota was released a few hours later.  The doctors gave us no follow-up treatment but Susana recommended some simple home remedies and rest for a few days.     As we were concerned we might have the “bug” too, Susana checked all of us and assured us we were just very tired and needed lemon water and rest. Susana did some energy field strengthening that got our energy back up and buzzing!  What a wonderful difference after she worked on us!

The interesting part was that we all became sleepy midday about the time Susana was working on us, so we had to take a nap.  When we woke, we all felt 100% better and had our healthy appetites back.

Dakota was in tip top shape the rest of our 15 days in Europe.  As always, we have much gratitude and respect for the work Susana does.  Not only did she restore Dakota’s health but was in tune with what we were feeling too and quickly helped to get us back in top form!     Much Gratitude, Susana!

Kelly Bruce Detroit, Michigan, USA

Rhonda David SchimetzWe struggled with unexplained infertility for approx. 10 years. After going thru 4 rounds of IVF treatments, which failed, we decided to try the holistic approach which led us to Susana Stoica. Susana’s energy healing/balancing was able to release stored stress and anxiety that was affecting our ability to conceive. With Susana’s help we now have 3 beautiful healthy children of our own. We continue to use Susana’s gifts of healing when we recognize our bodies are sluggish, out of sync and in need of balancing. After the sessions we feel energized, rested and focused.

Dave & Rhonda Farmington Hills Michigan, USA

Bruce HulscherMy wife contacted Susana for energy healing to repair the neural damage caused by successive unsuccessful fertility treatments.  At the end of what could be offered by modern medicine, we had given up hope that we could have a child of our own.  When it was my turn to enter the healing process, Susana told me that one day we would have that child we wanted so much.  A little more than nine months later, our son, Kyle, arrived to brighten our lives, followed by a brother two years later.  Only those who have shared the pain of not being able to have children can understand the gift that Susana’s special talent has brought to our lives.

Bruce Hulscher, D.D.S. — Michigan Institute of Advanced Dentistry

VanessaAbout “Heal your Brain, Reclaim your Life”: This was an amazing story and testimony of what can be achieved without using standard therapies, i.e. medications for conditions that are well served by using a more natural method of healing. If only more clinicians would be open to and follow this type of practice. Susana is an amazing woman, and has experienced so much trauma, healing and has come out on the other side show that her energy gifts far outshine anything that the modern world has to offer. I am blessed to know her and I often share her story and her gifts with everyone I meet. Kudos for setting pen to paper Susana and sharing your story, along with the stories of those you have helped to heal. Readers please share this book with everyone you know! As a nurse for over 35 years I can tell you that many are looking for just such an amazing healing experience for themselves and their families and friends!

Vanessa Rowan, RN

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