Energy Healing


After an accident/trauma or illness, a healer can help the energy field get back into a healthy balance.  Healing works at a very deep systemic level.  If used Immediately at the onset of symptoms, the right energy field adjustments can prevent the effects of the energy field disturbance from fully manifesting in the physical body. The healer does not “heal”. He or she re-creates the healthy version of the energy field, which  allows the human body to use its own internal resources to heal itself. We are all born with a self-healing capability.

There are two types of healing sessions: 

  • The Initial Evaluation Session (click here to book) is done by the practitioner at a distance. It starts with an overall evaluation of the energy field, followed by an initial field balancing and strengthening so the physical and/or emotional trauma patterns become more “visible”.  This type of session can give an indication of the complexity of field imbalance and the type of follow-up sessions and their frequency. 
  • The Initial Evaluation Session is usually followed by one or more Energy Balancing Sessions (click here to book). This work focuses on re-training the person’s energy field to maintain the new, healthy state. By precisely timed sessions, the person’s energy field learns to preserve the natural, healthy state necessary for physical healing.  Each session has as a result a better mental acuity, less pain, and increased energy level, as well as a more peaceful and deeper sleep. 

The number and type of sessions required by each person vary greatly depending on the person’s age, the length the energy imbalance was in the field, and the willingness of the person to face the emotional aspects of the problem. The combination of scan and in-person healing speeds up the healing results.

NOTE: when you pay for a session it is understood that you read and accepted the Terms and Conditions for Healing.

For more information on energy healing, read: Reluctant Healer: An Introduction to Energy Healing”

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