Energy Healing

After an accident / trauma, a healer can help the energy field get back into a healthy homeostasis.  Healing works at a very deep systemic level.  This allows the healer to make the right energy field adjustments before the effects of a blow, blast, bump, or stroke, manifest in the physical body.

The healer does not “heal”. He or she re-creates the necessary energetic homeostasis to allow the human body to use its own internal resources to heal itself. 

I use three different types of sessions in my work (To book one of the sessions just click on the session name):

  1. The Initial Evaluation Session starts with an overall evaluation of the energy field, followed by an initial field balancing and strengthening so the trauma patterns become more “visible”.  This type of session can give an indication of the complexity of field imbalance and the type of follow-up sessions and their frequency. After the session you will have an idea if your field holds any brain brain injury trauma patterns, be they recent or decades old. Even in case that you no longer have any brain trauma held in your energy field, the cleaning and balancing will result in a feeling of relaxation, more joy of life, and being able to better concentrate, as well as feeling of having more energy.
  2. Followed by one or more Energy Balancing Sessions, the work then focuses on re-training the person’s energy field to maintain the new, healthy state. By precisely timed sessions, the person’s energy field learns to preserve the natural, healthy state necessary for physical healing.  For brain injured people, each session will result in better and better mental acuity, better vision, less pain, and increased energy level, as well as a more peaceful and deeper sleep.
  3. The Energy / Emotional Balancing Session, is used very infrequently, i.e. only in cases when one has deep emotional trauma that prevents the person’s energy field from holding the healthy energy pattern.  This type of session is usually much longer, two or more hours, and in addition to removing physical trauma patterns, strengthening, and balancing the field, it also goes after the old emotional patterns that create beliefs that stop the person from healing.

The number and type of sessions required by each person vary greatly depending on the person’s age, the length the energy imbalance was in the field, and the willingness of the person to face the emotional aspects of the problem.

Please note that, starting January 1st, 2020, the fee for sessions will go up, from $175 to $250 for the Initial Evaluation Session, and from $150 to $200 for the Healing Session. There will no longer be an Energy/Emotional Balancing Session option, as now all the sessions contain both emotional and energetic balancing.

For more information on energy healing, see:  Reluctant Healer: An Introduction to Energy Healing

If you have any further questions regarding the sessions, please send an email to: